Since the first Jack Russell arrived from England and Scotland, a new short legged Jack Russell was bred throughout the years and became popular to the South African breed.

Our main aim is to ensure a well built, strong Jack Russell bred with a well formed body, good muscle tone, short legs and a short, smooth coat. Our Jack Russells' colour variations are White & Brown and Tri-Colour (White/Brown/Black).

We started to breed our dogs in 1995.Our best advertisement over the years is through word of mouth and satisfied clients.

Why a Jack Russell?

The Jack Russell Terrier is highly intelligent and responds exceptionally well to obedience training. This breed can learn almost anything – very, very quickly.

Jack Russells are hunting dogs, first and foremost. : Jack Russell's are tough, hardened, extremely alert, and make a keen watchdog. They bond well with children, are popular family dogs and highly affordable. A man's best friend!